Get all your email attachments in
one place.

easy to find. easy to file.

6 Reasons why should you choose Filey!

Automatically Download Attachments

All your attachments will be available in the Filey folder with the same folder structure you have in your mailboxes. New files will be highlighted with the Filey leaf.

Find Your Attachments Instantly

Search for any keyword related to the email attachment, such as sender, recipients, subject or file name. Filter by photos, documents, or simply look for all attachments by sender.

Track File Versions Over Emails

Make sure you're always working on the right file. Filey tracks versions of attachments sent to you over email, and automatically organizes them into versions by sender, date

Leaf Through Attachments Easily

Get all your photo attachments in one place, where you can flip through them quickly. Browse through documents like articles and don't miss received attachments.

Get Notified of New Files

Improve file communication over email by getting notifications for files you are waiting for. Your new attachments will be highlighted for your convenience so you'll never miss important files.

Share your Files & Attachments

Reply and share directly from the open attachment. Don't miss out on sharing your experiences from important documents sent to you over email.

Desktop App

With the new cutting edge Filey desktop application you can take comfort in knowing that all your attachments are in one place. You can enjoy the simplicity of finding one or more attachments without the time and energy it takes to locate files within your email.

About Filey

The average email user sends and receives about 6,000 attachments every year, yet those files are embedded within emails and not easy to find and organize. Filey is the first of its kind to provide access to all the files from all your mailboxes in one folder, organized the way you want and searchable from your file system. Your attachments and other important files will be synced across all your devices with no storage limitations, a great benefit of using free email storage. You can browse through photos, access documents and their older versions, read files within ZIP attachments, and share with anyone.

Filey is a startup company based in San Mateo, it was founded in 2011 by three experienced founders and is supported by industry leading advisors and investors.


Here are the two pricing plans that may best fit your needs

Public Email Domain


per month

  • • Use free with any public email domain (e.g. GMail, Yahoo! Mail,, etc.) on all of your devices.
  • • Get all of your email attachments in one place, organized by versions.
  • • Easily find your attachments by searching for phrases within the file content and email info.
  • • Quickly share attachments with email contacts.
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Business Email Domain


per month



   per year

  • Use all the Filey features
  • with any business email domain
  • (e.g.
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Filey for Windows

Have email attachments from all your mailboxes downloaded into one folder on your computer, organized the way you want.

Use our advanced search to find files by sender, recipient, email subject, file name or its content.

Share your attachments and track different file versions over email threads.

Easily file and organize attachments using our cool "Recent Received Files" feature.

Filey for iPhone

Quickly access and get notified for new email attachments on-the-go.

Use our advanced search to find files by sender, recipient, email subject or file name.

Share your attachments and track different file versions.

Swipe through your photo attachments.

Filey for iPad

Use Filey on your iPad for an enhanced attachment viewing and management experience.

Browse and share your photo attachments easily.

Use our advanced search to find files by sender, recipient, email subject and file name.

Get notified of new email attachments instantly.